Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fitting the Pieces Together


So far, this class has opened my eyes to learning theories instead of the learning style that I thought was the way I learned. Looking back at what I have learned, I would say that I am learning now as an adult more through social learning theory and connectivism. I say this because I feed off those around me. In the Aviation field, we are always learning from each other, whether it will be how more simply to do a step quicker or a new technique to troubleshoot a piece of equipment. This type of self-learning and group thinking lends itself to social learning theory and connectivism. My Time in the Army helped shape my learning with the social learning approach. This was done because every task in the Army was broken down into task conditions and standards. This layout reinforced what we were expected to do, and if we did a job outside of this, it would not be well looked on by our peers.

            For me, technology plays a significant role in how I learn. I have a smartphone in my pocket. This allows me to almost instantly find an answer to the problem I am trying to solve. As well as increase my critical thinking skills because just because it is on the top of a google search doesn’t mean that it is reliable information. Also, in my field, in which I am an instructional designer, I use software like adobe creative suite and adobe captivate to allow me to express my teaching in a way that my students connect with as my student are typically 17- 21 years old they prefer technology over lecture-based instruction.

Thursday, September 30, 2021



Let’s take a moment to reflect on how my networks have affected portions of my life. We will focus on four main questions.


How has your network changed the way you learn?


 My networks have changed the way I lean in a few ways. For instance, my time in the army changed how I learned because I was diagnosed with PTSD, which has made it hard for me to focus. So instead of leading in groups, I find it a lot easier to learn on my own. I tend to be able to focus more if I am alone. Social media, I believe, has affected how many people learn because it but current events at our fingertips. I also think that social media has d downside to learning. People aren’t willing to make mistakes for fear that they will be recorded and posted on the internet. The fear of making a mistake is a detriment to the learning process.


Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?


For me, the digital tools that I use most often are web searches for scholarly articles. And social media to get training I might need. An example would be linked to learning. If you haven’t used this feature of LinkedIn, I suggest you check it out. Another tool I often use is YouTube. If you can’t figure out how to do something, YouTube is the place to go.


How do you gain new knowledge when you have questions?


The answer to any question is to Google it. This is a great way to get information quickly. The catch twenty-two in this scenario is you have to validate the information you are finding because anybody with an opinion can post to the internet. I again have used YouTube to find answers to questions like I had to change the window regularly in my car. I am not a mechanically inclined person, so I followed a YouTube tutorial step by step and changed it without paying a dealership to do it for me.


In what ways does your learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

 I believe that my Network supports the tenant’s pf connectivism. My network provides me with a diversity of options to see an issue or question in a different light. This allows me to grasp the subject better. My network supports the statement that learning is more about people than information. Looking back at my example of replacing the window regulator in my car without YouTube, I wouldn’t have been able to do this even if I had read the process in an owner manual. A large part of my learning is verifying the source of that knowledge, which is easier with the networks I have in place. These networks let me reach out and connect with a lot of references from around the world. This reaching out allows me to have a much more open mind when I start the learning process.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Week 2 - Assignment 2 - Websites Relating to Understanding the Brain.

This website will take you to a and article about the effects that PTSD has on aging veterans. Being as I myself suffer from PTSD and the struggles associated with it. I believe that this article can help those who know little to nothing about PTSD understand some of the changes brought about by PTSD. I think this article also helps stress why you must get to know your students. you might have that one troublesome or hard-to-reach student and just a small amount of human connection on your part might be what they need to blossom and do well. For me, this article would help so that I don't have to feel embarrassed or self-conscience because of my diagnoses and the learning handicaps that I experience because of it. PTSD has a  stigma that you must be crazy and that you could fly off the handle at any time. This misrepresentation leads to a lot of veterans not seeking treatment.

This article is another one that I personally connect with it discusses the effect of traumatic brain injuries (TBI)  and cognitive function. Again being a veteran and being exposed to explosions powerful enough to knock you down and create ringing in your ears. I didn't know the effects of what these repeated injuries could do to a person. TBIs can result in lingering physical, emotional, and cognitive impairments. This impairment would be something that any instructor should be aware of. I would say that when instructing adult learners you must have a grasp of their past you don't need to be an expert on them but if you see they aren't absorbing the information or look lost. As an instruction try to get with the student to see what the issue could be. This article is useful because it knows only lays out what the impairments of TBIs are but how they can affect the learner.

Week 2 - Assignment 1 - Critique Importance

This is a Post about the importance of critiques

I believe that Critiques on your work can be very beneficial to both the designer being critiqued and the person doing the critiquing. For the designer, they can see their product through someone else’s eyes. This can be a very powerful tool because it allows the designer to take a step back from your own creation. The critique allows someone else to maybe catch something that doesn’t make sense or perhaps suggest a better way of completing a certain task. When receiving a critique, you must remove your ego from the equation this will allow you to not take the critique as a judgment on you.


For the critique, they get to see how some else completes certain tasks. This might help them in their own design process. I have Critiques co-worker's project and almost every time have been amazed by something they did. I then take that and incorporate it into my own design process.


Critiques are a very powerful tool, which if done correctly can help enhance the product a designer is working on.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Week One Assignment

 Week One Assignment

This site is a link to the Adobe Captivate community.   This site is beneficial for perhaps getting some help with trying something you haven't been able to figure out in Captivate. For me, this is useful as the design program I use at work is Adobe Captivate.

Anybody who has used captivate knows of Paul Wilson this is his website. He makes tutorials for creating specific actions in Captivate. This is again very useful for when you get stuck in Captivate and need some help. Paul has usually had a tutorial for it.

This is a website I have recently found that seemed interesting. It focuses on e-learning. It has articles covering a multitude of topics related to e-learning. This will be helpful to help get new ideas on how to improve my e-learning product. As well as help me strengthen my knowledge base on learning in general.

Fitting the Pieces Together

  So far, this class has opened my eyes to learning theories instead of the learning style that I thought was the way I learned. Looking bac...